A girl hovers in Kerameikos. An anti-war story in the Athens of Classical times (available in Greek only)

Inspired by the excavation of a mass grave in the vicinity of the ancient Kerameikos cemetery and the reconstruction of the features of a young girl, presented in the exhibition «Myrtis: face to face with the past», author Christos Boulotis imagined the story of a girl who died during the plague in the times of Classical Athens. The scientific venture of reconstructing the girl’s features was undertaken by the team of professor M. Papagrigorakis. The girl’s soul still hovers over Kerameikos carrying messages of peace to children the world over. The author’s tender and optimistic approach of the brief childhood, which began with games, joy and carelessness, but ended violently in the climate of war of the times, is illustrated in a luminous manner by painter Vassilis Papatsarouchas.

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